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7/9/24 - Coming Soon!!


For Sale:  Fusion Firearms 1911 Freedom Series Riptide-C, 10mm, low profile Novak combat sights, fiber optic, red Cocobolo wood grips, target crown, carry cut frame.  Hoping to have it soon.


7/9/24 - Coming Soon!!


For Sale:  Fusion Firearms 1911 Freedom Series Longslide, 10mm, LPA adjustable match sights, fiber optic, red Cocobolo wood grips, target crown.  The first one sold already, but we'll get another one soon.


7/9/24 - In Stock!!


ORDERED FOR CUSTOMER:  Smith & Wesson Performance Center, .44 Magnum Hunter.  Sexy.


7/9/24 - In Stock!!


CONSIGNMENT:  FN PS90, 5.7X28mm, bullpup design.


7/9/24 - In Stock!!


CONSIGNMENT:  Sig Sauer MPX, 9mm, short barrel.


6/28/24 - In Stock!!


USED:  Winchester Model 94, in 30-30 and 32 spl.  We have about SEVEN of these guns, in different conditions and prices.


6/28/24 - In Stock!!


USED:  Beretta M9.  9mm.  Classic pistol.


6/28/24 - In Stock!!


USED:  Rock Island Armory 1911 A1 Tactical, .45 ACP, full size.  We also have a compact model.


6/28/24 - In Stock!!


NEW:  CZ P-10 F, full size, 9mm, outstanding Glock 17 clone, super reliable, very accurate, solid trigger.  All for $399.


6/28/24 - In Stock!!


USED:  Ruger Security-9, 9mm. 


6/28/24 - In Stock!!


USED:  Taurus PT-22, .22lr, tip up barrel makes loading and unloading easy with no need to ever rack the slide.


3/1/24 - In Stock!!


NEW:  Federal .22lr birdshot, No. 12, crimped end, box of 50.  These are very hard to find.  $22


3/1/24 - In Stock!!


NEW:  Like to shoot steel?  But tired of having to stay back 25 yards to avoid being hit with fragments?  We have a solution!

HOP Munitions 9mm, 115gr, Polymer coated round nose with a lead center.  This ammo is designed to vaporize on contact.  You can stand as close as 3 yards and shoot steel directly!  $19.99 box of 50.


3/1/24 - In Stock!!


NEW:  Watchtower Rob O'Neill Signature AR-15, billet aluminum receiver, 16" .223 Wylde barrel, Durabolt BCG w/ PVD finish, Dragon Slay-AR muzzle device, Geissele SSA-E two stage trigger, ambi controls, Magpul CTR stock, gray Cerakote with red accents.  This is in the shop!!!  Approx $2,300.


2/24/24 - In stock!!


USED:  Smith and Wesson 686 No Dash, .357 Mag.  Pinned and Recessed.  $849.


2/24/24 - In Stock!!


USED:  CVA Hunter, .243.  Single shot, break open.  $249.


7/9/23 - In Stock!!


NEW:  Henry Mare's Leg, .22lr, large loop


3/13/23 - In Stock!!


Black Hills Ammo!!!!

The Honey Badger is just one example of the innovation and craftsmanship of Black Hills ammo.  Stop by and see our full selection of quality ammunition in 9mm, 5.56, .223, and .308.  Every round is hand inspected!


3/13/23 - In Stock!!


Honey Badger.  OUCH!!

This 9mm round uses a 100 gr bullet traveling at 1250 fps to create devastating would cavities without using hollowpoint bullets.


3/13/23 - In Stock!!


Black Hills makes several different 5.56 rounds.  One of the most impressive is the MK262 Mod1-C.  This is patterned after the military round that is used for mid/long range precision.  In true Black Hills form, this ammo is held to an impossible standard:  each lot is tested by shooting ten groups of 10 shots each at 300 yards.  Each ten round group must be under 2" (.64 MOA) or the the lot doesn't ship!

Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit-image-full-6342-d23b6b4d849e47f63318eb444d49ccae.jpg

10/10/22 - IN STOCK NOW!!

Voodoo Tactical, Tactical Trauma Kit, perfect for the range.

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